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Our Story

We officially started our company back in 2022, just two people wanting to see a change in how our country treats its senior citizens.  Since then, we've been working non-stop developing new technologies and spreading the word about what we can do to make the change we wanted to see.

Meet the Team

WTAJ Studio 814

Watch our interview on WTAJ's Studio 814 where we talk with Rebecca Petner about all our company is offering to the Clearfield area!

Nicole Jones

A message from our founder

One year ago I found a partially blind senior man wandering in the middle of the road. He had become lost due to being dropped off in an unknown area by a transit authority. Once I helped him to where he needed to go I went home and started doing research. I went down a rabbit hole, discovering this was not unusual across the country and that senior transportation and care were desperately needed. From losing their homes to depression, because of them being forced to stay at home from lack of transportation, the need was not only overwhelming but growing. A year later and I have started my company, the first of its kind, that is going to revolutionize the way we provide our seniors with transportation and care.

Little Red Riding Hood, Inc is an S-Corp located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that is a luxury concierge transportation service for senior citizens (60+). The company is unique because it only uses American manufactured electric vehicles (EVs), provides more than just rides for senior citizens, and also provides exclusive and non-exclusive contracts. Our mission is to provide low cost reliable transportation for senior citizens in a luxury style while offering them an option for up to one hour's worth of help for a small fee. These services can be scheduled or on-demand using an app, website, and a convenient dispatcher service for seniors to call. Because the company only uses American manufactured electric vehicles, when offering non-exclusive contracts to government entities they get to lower their carbon emissions and budget while fulfilling their legal requirements of senior transportation and “going green”. Plus, offering exclusive contracts to hospitals, retirement homes, assisted living community centers and more; they get to lower their budgets while setting them apart from their local competition. Not to mention the numerous available federal grant funds and tax incentives that companies and nonprofits might potentially for by contracting with Little Red Riding Hood, Inc.

The company provides reliable service by using technology that comes with the electric vehicles, an app, and GPS tracking. The luxury concierge service comes from our drivers, who receive geriatric training and are Basic Life Support (BLS) certified, by providing door-to-door service, one hour stays, and anything else for a more personalized service. With low cost set rates for rides and the optional "care" stay, we help not only the wallets of the seniors but also anyone who contracts with the company. Little Red Riding Hood, Inc isn't paratransit, but the future of senior transportation for the public, government, and private sectors. Let's help seniors regain their independence so they can enjoy their golden years.

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Meet the Team

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